Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here they are... geese in Orillia Park.

Orillia Park

Bridge Port Marina

Spent two extra days in Orillia, Ontario due to needing a re-weld of a crack in middle pontoon; I have been through some rough water. Ready to go first thing tomorrow to pass through final 4 locks including the famous Big Chute Marine Railway Lock mentioned in previous blog. Take the time to look up this and the Peterborough Lift Lock - YouTube has videos. Then on to Honey Harbor at the beginning of the Georgian Bay.

Orillia is a great place to be for a layover. A large park on the water near the hotel with a terrific bike and walking trail. Many Canadians out on the water in boats and sunning in the park for the close of their Canada Day holiday weekend. Roller blading is very popular around the park trails. Many dogs were also being treated to a day at the lake! The Canada Geese get an honorable mention as well.

Once again I experienced Canadian hospitality and professionalism at the Bridge Port Marina. A well-trained team led by general manager Kyle and his crew of Deirdre and Glenn in addition to dock and parts staff. Kyle was able to locate a welder who could come in on a Sunday. $$$$ but looks like a good job.

Also heard from Steve Schultz today via voice mail as he is in Vail for a short time. Steve is one of the legends at the Eagle County Ambulance District being not only an excellent paramedic, artist and designer of the district logo, but national president of the Edsel Club, not to mention being one of the nicest people you could meet. Steve moved to Arizona some time ago. He borrowed a cell phone to call me during the Vail 4th of July parade. Steve is often not traceable. Hello Steve!


  1. Sounds like your FOURTH OF JULY was perfect, complete with a call from Steve. Glad you "took time" to enjoy it. Upward and onward to Georgian Bay. . .

  2. Steve was here. Actually got to see him and he looks great. Still that great sense of humor!!

    Hope you are enjoying your travels. It has been a great read.