Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fog this morning made it necessary to tie up to this buoy for half an hour.

The beautiful Collins Inlet

Killarney lighthouse

Welcome to Killarney

Little Current, Ontario - picture post card perfection.

These little guys were for sale!! Joanne wants both of them...

Town docks in Little Current

It was clear and there was a breeze when I left Britt for Killarney and Little Current, Ontario at 6:30 this morning. After 15 miles on Georgian Bay (part of Lake Huron) I ran into a fog bank and had to tie off to a navigation aid buoy as I couldn't see the next marker - pea soup. I sat there in complete silence for 30 minutes listening to a loon until the fog lifted and I could see the land and next marker. It was too narrow an area to depend on the GPS. It would have worked in open water which I crossed later with quarter-mile visibility but then you have to worry about other traffic. Saw only a few local fishing boats on the water in 85 miles of travel. Both Killarney and Little Current have a lot of 35-45 foot cruisers and sail boats tied up at the docks. Otherwise everyone here is complaining about a heat wave that is also plaguing the eastern U.S. My room does not have AC so you sweat after you take a shower. I’ll walk to the town dock before it gets dark. My phone does not work here and this is about the first place on the trip that Verizon hasn't worked. Only the bar here has WiFi - how convenient!!

The Collins Inlet between Beaverstone Bay and Killarney is probably the most pristine and beautiful place I've seen on this trip and maybe anywhere. The banks are granite rising out of the water and leaning inland covered with pine trees. Not mountains, but higher hills than most of the terrain I've traveled. I was told you can find Georgian Bay or North Channel videos on YouTube so you might give that a try. My pictures and narrative really can't describe the scenery adequately. Water lilies with white blooms lay along the shore, muskrats were playing and an occasional eagle flew reconnaissance. I cannot recall having that lump in the throat for “just terrain” - it is perhaps a magical kingdom.

The bar has turned up the TVs for soccer or whatever and I must leave - it is too incongruous with the day I have just experienced. So much to describe.


  1. These scenes are postcard perfect! Good angles and great color. Or is that the work of your irreplaceable graphic artist and techie in Avon?

  2. Lyn,
    I've so enjoyed living vicariously through your trip. The scenery is amazing! Can't believe you are probably three quarters of the way through. Travel safely. Jean

  3. Welcome back to the USA! It's been fun to try to figure out which way you are going next. Have had the map out looking at options. I suspect that you will be going by Mackinaw Island tomorrow. That's a neat place - with no automobile traffic. Stop by if you have the opportunity. See you soon.