Monday, July 5, 2010

This is my cabin for tonight. What a great day!! Following is THE DAY IN PICTURES...

THE DAY IN PICTURES: Approaching Big Chute Marine Railway Lock. The boats on the lift have just come up from the other side. Notice they are not in water.

Loaded onto boat lift - locking down.

Looking back at the water level I am leaving.

Looking ahead to where I'm going. Is this Elitch Gardens??

Looking back at the ROAD we just crossed.

Going down...

The tracks...

Back in the water.

Looking back at Big Chute Marine Railway Lock in the distance.

Approaching the last lock on the Trent Severn Waterway... there are 44 locks on the canal.
The doors on this one are hand cranked.

Welcome to Georgian Bay... YA-HOOOOOOOOO!!


    Hi Lyn, We have finally caught up with you on your grand loop. You are, of course, deep into your journey at this point - so there was much for us to study with your fascinating postings and photos. You are flowing through such a special time and distance and regions. Salut! Cheers! To life! We are toasting you. Thank you for sharing this experience with those of us on shore.
    Love, Greg and Marguerite
    Postscript to Joanne - Greetings to you high in the Rockies!

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