Thursday, May 20, 2010

After departing on the Mississippi Tuesday and being turned around by the closing of St. Louis Harbor it was back to decision time. Yesterday the Coast Guard said the harbor could be closed for a week or more as they expected additional rain from the storm moving from the west. Fern Hoppie at Hoppie's Marina below St. Louis said her boat ramp was blocked due to high water and that the only reasonable option for me was to take the boat to Kentucky Lake, a place I would have ended up in 3 days via the Mississippi and up the Ohio and Tennessee River. So, after leaving the great folks at Alton Marina it was a 4 hr. drive to Kentucky Lake near Paducah. The beginning of the loop has changed from Alton, Il to Kentucky Lake. Two more days of storms here and I should be departing by Friday or Saturday and on my way to Pickwick Marina 160 miles south and the beginning of the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway. Adventures are full of tests. (Photo is my breakfast view.)

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  1. Hi Lyn

    I have been watching your travels on the blog. I had to get Joannes help to figure out how to post a comment. The pictures are great. So stay safe!