Monday, June 28, 2010

This is Jake Stachovak from Wausau, WI. He is kayaking practically the entire Great Loop. I came up beside him after we went through a lock and asked where he was going. Felt fortunate to have met him. We took each other's pic. He does about 30 miles a day and started last year, will finish in Aug. Taking lower route back to Michigan

Trent Severn Waterway sign

This lock raised me about 40 feet; looking back down the waterway.

Great motel right on the water in Campbellford, Ontario

Ok Lyn, lets get it together. I was coming up the Trent Severn Waterway in Ontario behind some other boats going to the next lock. There was a zone of "no wake speed" which is about 5 mph. There were red channel markers to the right and green to the left. Most boats don't steer in a straight line at low speeds. I was checking on a phone number for a motel and when I looked up I was about to strike the green buoy; decided going around it to the left was best at that point. Bang!! ##**&&#. Hit what probably was a rock obstruction. I immediately killed the engine and raised the motor **##%&%. Checked out the motor and looked at prop and it seemed to have same nicks as before. Throttled up to 8-10 mph and engine would rev but I could only do 8 mph until the prop began to slip. Had to have mechanic look at it this AM (Monday) and I had sheared the bushing in the prop - thank God that’s what it was. This prevents more serious damage to the motor transmission. Technician had to travel an hour round trip to pick up a new prop. To be honest, we weren't sure this was the problem. It was, and I'm back in the saddle after a day off here in Campbellford, Ontario. The town was founded by two brothers in the early 1800s. Rural and very scenic - I'm at a motel on the Trent Severn Canal - what a great place. Road trip someday??

Went across Lake Ontario yesterday morning from Oswego at 6:00 AM in calm waters. Used a GPS bearing for 1.5 hours to Duck Island as there was no land in sight anywhere. Duck is just a small uninhabited island and was my first waypoint - then waypoint #2 got me into the Adoulphus Reach between Kingston and Picton, Ontario. Then on to Trenton before noon - then into the Trent Severn to Campbellford. Hit the obstruction several locks before town but due to no wake zones between the locks I made it ok with the injured motor. So far the Canadians have been quite friendly and helpful - complain a lot about their taxes. Listen up Washington!!

So many things to mention and so little space - certainly there are down days when things don't go as planned but have not wished for this adventure to be over, yet. I miss Joanne a lot and our Avon home - and all of you. Thanks for checking in.


  1. I can't believe that guy is KAYAKING (almost) the entire Great Loop! -Tina

  2. Considering the distance and the uncertain weather, you've done well to have only a few down days. I can only imagine the panic when an unexpected incident requires technicians who are not readily available.

  3. The 13 locks between Trenton and Campbellford must have made that leg of the trip interesting. Don't believe many would choose Jake's mode of travel for 'The Loop' but he certainly would have some interesting tales to share. You are making a trip to Canada more enticing for Jerry and me.

  4. Sounds like the last few days have been a bit too exciting; glad it all worked out for the best. Who in the hell would kayak the loop??? The guy must have alot of money and no brains! We did our own loop in Moab this past weekend...Teddy could have done without the heat but we had some great 4 wheeling to Chicken Corner...the name alone describes the trip. Not much new in SWAT teams recently. The Hebert house appears to be under contract and there is strange goings on at Garlocks. The Ryan and Trista lot has changed from Slifer to Prudential and the Dantas diggers are busy on their mansion. Perdzocks house is cleaned and ready for them to arrive next week. Stay safe and dry!!!!!

  5. Hi Lyn,

    Kate sent me the URL and I have been keeping up with your travels. The trip sounds incredible! I may have to put this one on my bucket list.

  6. HI Lyn -- just read ur blogs from NY up the Hudson and nostalgia set in -- I worked as a tour conductor when I was 18 (1948) and one leg of one of the New York trips was down the Hudson to NYC from Albany on the Hudson River Day Line steam ships -- not so adventurous as the trip up the river in a small boat -- then our grand daughter, Lauren, graduated from Hamilton College which is about 10 miles south of Utica -- and then I noticed you went near or through Peterborough, Ontario where Jeanne has relatives with a old time resort on Rice Lake. Sounds like you are managing quite well with the inevitable mishaps on a trip as ambitious as yours. Looking forward, vicariously, to the rest of the voyage -- Roger T