Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down the Mississippi, to the Ohio, to the Cumberland (pictured). Almost "home."

Exiting the LAST LOCK!!

My first and last marina - at Kentucky Lake, TN. "Crossing my wake" 5300 miles later.

THE END • Saturday, July 17, 4:30 MDT
8 weeks and 1 day from start to finish. What an amazing adventure. Thanks for sharing in my journey, Lyn


  1. Sitting in a Borders Coffe House today, I was eager to hear about your last two beautiful days. Covering 5300 miles in a pontoon boat is huge. But considering you covered historical sites in nearly half the United States, it seems more realistic. Congratulations Lyn!

  2. I'm looking for you to hit "The Spot" on your trip to MN! What am I going to do now that you have me 'hooked' on checking "The Spot" for 8 weeks and one day! You've got to let me down easy!!! Jerry

  3. Awesome journey Lyn - glad you were able to fulfill a dream! It was nice to follow your "journal" while you were traveling.

  4. Congratulations!! What am I going to read in the morning with my coffee! What's next?

  5. Heather, Porter, and I were sitting at a sidewalk cafe in downtown Chicago Sat. afternoon remembering you were in your last few hours of travel.
    Can't imagine the feeling of triumph and pride which you must have felt as you pulled into your last marina.
    What an accomplishment!!!!
    Welcome back to the real world.

  6. Definately an exciting trip. My husband and I started out in an Adventure Craft...sank in NC. Saved ourselves and 2 dogs and a bird. So glad you had a better trip. I havn't read the whole thing yet...but will. What is your next adventure? Loved Lake Powell..did all the rivers and canyons in that same Adventure Craft.